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Salt Wood, is a locally-driven restaurant at Sanctuary Beach Resort, offering an authentic experience in the heart of California’s Central Coast. Inspired by the elements central to our locale, Salt Wood is intent on creating a fun, lively and approachable dining experience among the Marina dunes.  Glass cases of charcuterie and seafood display the seasonal, local offerings central to the restaurant’s menu. The bounty offered up by our unique coastal location is prepared with care by chefs native to the area, using traditional wood-fired cooking methods, creating dishes utilizing the freshest ingredients from our nearby purveyors. Salt Wood is a neighborhood destination, featuring the very best of California’s Central Coast, served  in a comfortably elegant and tranquil setting.


We take our food and libations very seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously.  This neighborhood is our home and we believe dining is a fun, collaborative social experience - every step we take keeps those values in mind. Local, fresh ingredients are the essential building blocks to preparing quality food and drinks, so we spend a great deal of time and care to source ingredients from the best local and regional purveyors. We visit the farms, walk the vineyards and observe the processes our partners take to ensure that our knowledge of the product is as authentic and true as we are.

Chef David Baron

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Baron was born into a kitchen that combined old world traditions of two distinctly diverse cultures and sides of the food spectrum with parents hailing from the Philippines and Nicaragua. Constantly surrounded by varied ingredients and recipes throughout his childhood, Baron saw the limitless possibilities of the kitchen and quickly fostered a passion for experimenting with taste, flavor, and textures.

Working under Daniel Patterson and Chris Cosentino allowed Chef Baron to grow a keen appreciation for naturalism and a desire to embrace the abundant resources of the surrounding local area. His love for foraging both in previous restaurant positions, capturing the essence of fresh seafood and cooking from the hearth stems from the connection he identifies between food and nature – a quality very close to his heart that he now brings to his position as Executive Chef at Salt Wood.


Our Partners